Summer STEAM Academy

The highly popular Summer STEAM Academy is intended for First Tee participants, 7 and up, who are interested in academic enrichment during the summer. Registration is open to all First Tee participants in the New York Metropolitan area. 

Building on previous years’ success, this 6-week summer academic program provides participants with a fun and immersive way to study golf and other sports through the perspective of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). It also includes a Literacy class, a Computer Coding class, a daily Math Challenge, and weekly virtual field trips.  Suggested ages are 7-14.

Our summer academic programs are created with intentional connections to National Common Core Standards, as well as 21st century skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 
STEAM  – During the summer program, a new STEAM lesson is taught every day.
Each lesson includes: 
  • A pre-quiz
  • A video lesson 
  • An activity/experiment which can be done at home 
  • A post-quiz 
All the activities can be done with normal household items, such as tape, scissors, plastic bottles, cardboard, plastic bags, etc. Each lesson covers basic objectives and vocabulary for the day’s topic, which are part of the quiz. 

LITERACY – We conduct our Literacy Program to combat the infamous “Summer Slide,” when children’s reading scores tend to decline by several points, due to two months off from school. This program is particularly important for children in order for them to advance in course material for the new school year. Our literacy lessons are interactive and engaging for every participant.

CODING  The Coding class is completely interactive and self-driven. Using Google’s CS First and Scratch classes, students log in and choose the coding activity that is the best fit for them at the time. There are no mandatory assignments – rather, the students follow their interests and skill levels. 
  • The easiest classes, for beginners, are at the top. The most advanced classes are Sports and Game Design. Students work their way up to the advanced classes. Or, if they already have some experience with coding, especially with Scratch, they go straight to the more difficult activities. If they have no experience at all, they should start with one of the beginner activities, near the top of the page.  
  • Students continue to have their choice of activity every day. Some activities are only meant to take an hour to complete; others are meant to take several days or weeks. 
  • There are instructional videos already built in. However, if students have questions or need help, a coach is available on Zoom. 

If you should have any questions, please contact Karen LesPierre, Director, Path to College | [email protected]